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How do I include the MMH Foundation in my will
for the benefit of Massena Memorial Hospital?
Bequests made to the Foundation will serve Massena Memorial's need for years to come.  There are four ways (see below) that you can provide for Massena Memorial through your will via the MMH Foundation.  We always recommend you consult with your estate planner which option is best suited for your personal preferences and financial position.









 A certain dollar amount

A set percentage

of the estate's value

Assets that remain

after all other

estate bequests,

taxes and expenses

have been satisfied 

Only when those

named as primary

beneficiaries predecease

the testor 

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I die without a will, who will decide where my assets will go and how?  The State where you legally reside, based on a legal formula.


How can I update my will if there are minor changes?  By asking your attorney to prepare a codicil.


Should I include a specific gift distribution list?   Yes to make sure there is no confusion.


Is an outdated as bad as, or worse than, having no will at all?   Yes


Can I minimize the taxes on my estate by creating trusts?   Yes